Indian Sojourn

India is one of the golden phases of world history where cultures like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism flourished; Mughals constructed some of the most astonishing monuments

Hidden Treasures of Gujarat

The trip on the Deccan Odyssey does full justice to the Gujarat based Hidden Treasures trip, which is a experience that only comes “once in a lifetime”.

Jewels of the Deccan

The Deccan region is an interesting piece of geography that has been an attraction for people even during the ancient times. You can find many natural attractions, monuments,

Maharashtra Wild Trail

Deccan odyssey has introduced a unique trail which is the path that is less chosen by tourists. This Maharashtra wild trail takes you through Ellora and Ajanta caves

Indian Odyssey

The Indian Odyssey will take you across numerous colorful destinations around India with warmth and luxury. This is a journey by train that is like no other and you can enjoy a royal journey of 8 days

Maharashtra Splendor

Want to experience the luxurious train journey embarking on the Deccan Odyssey Train? The itinerary has a comprehensive plan for you comprising of 8 days and 7 nights